Lange Straße 47
27749 Delmenhorst

04221 – 992 993

Opening hours
Wednesday 11am to 5pm
Thursday 3pm to 6pm
Saturday 11am to 5pm


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1 / 6

In the heart of the city centre, the Artothek – our lending library for artworks – offers everyone from Delmenhorst and surrounding areas the opportunity to live with original works of art from the city’s collection.

Lending operations started on 18 January 2023. For an annual fee of 20 euros (reduced 12 euros), up to four works can be borrowed during the year. This offer is intended for private individuals, com­panies, practices or law firms that are interested in giving their living and work spaces a stylish upgrade. Schools and adult edu­cation facilities can also benefit from integrating original works of art into their educational programming.

Works of various artistic styles and formats are available for loan, for example by Heike Kati Barath, Arthur Fitger, Fritz Fuhrken, Moshtari Hilal, Stefan Knauf, Adrian Mudder, Hartmut Neumann, Thomas Putze, Wieland Schönfelder, Saskia Siebe or Fritz Stuckenberg. All information on how to sign up, lending, transport and installing works is available at the Artothek, Lange Straße 47.

The Artothek is part of the „Perspektive Innenstadt!“ emergency-relief programme organised by the city of Delmenhorst.

The emergency-relief programme is financed by the state of Lower Saxony, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and funds by REACT-EU as part of the EU response to the COVID-19 pandemic.